What Makes Splatball Stand Out

what makes splatball stand out

What makes Splatball stand out is a question we get asked periodically. It’s not really surprising when you consider we’re one of the oldest paintball fields in the country and quite possibly the oldest indoor paintball field. It’s not just one thing thing that makes us stand out, but rather a combination of things we’ve perfected over the years. This recipe has made us into the most popular indoor paintball field in the Midwest.

Constant Improvement

Another thing that makes Splatball stand out is our effort to constantly improve what we do. Our facility in downtown Minneapolis is part of a constant evolution. In fact, this isn’t our first location. This building was fully renovated and designed around our experiences over the last couple of decades. We’re also always looking for ways to improve what we do. Last year, we replaced our entire rental fleet and changed our business model to a new low impact format of paintball. Sure, we could have saved the expense and kept doing paintball the old way, but we knew the low impact format would provide a much better experience, especially for young and first-time players.

Attention To The Details

When you enter our facility, the first thing you’ll notice is the cleanliness. Paintball can be a very messy sport, so it takes a constant effort to keep things clean. Our facility gets a top-to-bottom cleaning on a weekly basis. Touch-up cleanings occur several times throughout the day, keeping everything fresh and clean and ready for your group. You won’t find wads of paper towels strewn throughout the bathrooms, or piles of broken paint crushed into the carpet.

The attention to detail carries through the check-in process and beyond the first game. Our staff is always watching for things that aren’t quite right, and when they see something they’ll fix it without so much as a word.

Customer Service

When you get down to it, we don’t sell paintballs. We sell fun — and we realize that. That’s what makes Splatball stand out. There are a lot of things that can make an experience great, or awful. Customer service is at the top of that list. We’re passionate about paintball and it shows in everything we do. You’ll notice we’re a bit happier than most people you’d find working on a Saturday morning. That’s because we truly enjoy sharing paintball with new players young and old. That excitement makes it very easy for us to give our best in everything we do.