Ultimate Paintball

ultimate paintball

Ultimate Paintball

Searching for the ultimate paintball experience? Splatball offer huge, well-built structures, modern and maintained paintball guns as well as fresh paint balls, and incredibly attractive prices. Very few people decide they do not like paintball combat after they have attempted it. There’s an ultimate paintball scenario for everybody. For this reason it’s so important to visit the best paintball arenas. Most paintball services feature condensed and unexciting styles, damaged-lower equipment and prices. Not the case at Splatball! We take pride in everything we do to ensure you have a great time playing ultimate paintball with us.

At Splatball, anyone can have fun and learn a great deal about their personal physical capabilities. Active and retired military use this play environment to keep their skills honed. Families can have unique and energy-burning outings or large birthday parties. Some people realize that an activity like ultimate paintball is just what they need to release stress and take the edge off of life. Even one well-organized, afternoon in a state-of-the-art outdoor ultimate paintball area like the one Splatball offers can make anyone hooked.

Splatball is an indoor paintball field that features a 10,000 square foot urban combat arena as well as the largest retail store/tech center in the state. The entire facility is climate controlled for your comfort. We even have an observation area and private party room.

Both private play and walk-on play are available at Splatball. If you are looking for private group play the minimum group size is 8 players and reservations must be made in advance. You can reserve your spot by giving us a call at 612-378-0385. Spots fill up fast, so make sure to book at least a week in advance.