The 5 Best YouTube Paintball Videos

For today’s blog, we’re going to share with you our picks for the best paintball videos on YouTube. The videos we’ve selected are some of the most interesting paintball videos out there. From the technology to the excitement of the game, you’re sure to find interesting videos and videos that will get your adrenaline flowing.

The Simple Paintball

Paintballs aren’t something you give much thought about.  There’s a tremendous amount of technology and know-how that goes into making a paintball that flies straight and breaks on impact.  Our friends over at GI Sportz put together a great video that shows what it takes to make a simple paintball.

Paintball On TV

Paintball gets a lot of exposure on TV. Chances are one of your favorite shows has incorporated paintball into an episode. Paintball’s brightest moment on the small screen came when Bud Light featured paintball in one of their commercials.

Paintball On Film

What happens when a filmmaker re-imagines paintball and puts a Hollywood look to it? You get a video of fast-paced action and incredible stunts.

Let’s take a look at two of the biggest events in paintball. Every year thousands of paintball players travel from all over the country, and the world, to attend these events.

CPX Sport’s Living Legends Event

Living Legends is an annual event that is arguably the biggest paintball party of the year. Players from all levels of play descend on world famous CPX Sports and take part in a two day scenario. This next video shows the final hour of the event, known as Final Battle. At the Final Battle, two teams of over 1,000 players battle for control of a hill located in the middle of the playing field.

DISCLAIMER – Footage includes coverage of a bikini contest that takes place during the Saturday night players’ party. You might want to skip the video if you find bikini contests distasteful.

World Cup Tournament

The World Cup tournament is the largest paintball tournament in the world. Thousands of players make the annual trip and fight for the title of World Cup champion. You’ll find every type of player from beginner to professional at World Cup.