Pro Paintball in MN

pro paintball mn

Pro Paintball in MN at Splatball in Minneapolis

Experience Pro Paintball in MN at Splatball. If you are looking for a way to up your activity level and have some fun in the process, some action packed play might be just what the doctor ordered. Players can get a real workout, and a serious adrenaline rush as they enjoy a real pro paintball experience.

Groups between eight and 150 can make reservations to partake in the fun, and if by chance there are members of a group that wish to have a seat to watch everyone else get splattered, there are spectator areas on the fields to accommodate those folks that prefer to watch.

Anyone looking to spice up their normal workout regimen, should consider skipping the gym a couple of days out of the week, and engaging in a workout that only a pro paintball MN playing field can provide. The opportunity to get the blood pumping, the brain strategically thinking, and in a setting that allows players to let off a little steam is what a pro paintball MN experience has to offer. Besides all of that, the experience is flexible too, because players have the option of scheduling private reservations, or walking onto a game.

If you are looking for private group play the minimum group size required is 8 people, but we are able to accommodate groups of 150 people or more. Please give us a call at 612-378-0385 to reserve your spot today. We can also answer any questions you may have about Splatball and the booking process.