Splatball Prices

Mixed Play Paintball Price: $39.99/Player Reservations Required

Perfect for groups of 2 or more!

– Complete rental paintball gear (protective mask and paintball gun set-up), 100 paintballs, admission and a reserved table for parties in excess of 6 players.


* Available for groups ranging from 2 to 60+. The best option for birthday parties, youth/ team groups, family fun and of course friends!

Must book ahead online. Upgrades, extra ammo and concessions may be added/ purchased at the counter the day of your event!

Private Paintball Packages: $39.99/Player  Reservations Required

Want to play with just your group? Book a private party and play against your group only! Other parties may be at the facility but won’t be on the field at the same time. Available for groups of 6 or more players. Perfect for company outings, birthdays and bachelor/ette parties!

kid paintball Minnesota
– Rental paintball gear (protective mask and paintball gun set-up) and 100 paintballs/player.  The session is 90 minutes and includes a table.


If you don’t see the time you are looking for please give us a call at (612) 378-0385!


*Groups may upgrade gear or purchase more ammo the day of the event.

Click Here for Gun Owner Hours/Prices

Custom Events: Prices Vary(These events are expensive)

Longer sessions with more flexible hours! Book a custom event and get the building and arena exclusively for your party!



Paintballs: (100/ 500 & 2,000 round options)

low impact paintballsEvery player starts with 100 paintballs in their package. If you run out of ammo and want more you can always purchase more paintballs and keep playing!

Note: Most players shoot an additional 200 to 300 paintballs during their stay. The best bang for your buck is to buy larger quantities and split them up.

– 100 paintballs: $9.95

– 500 paintballs: $34.95

– 2,000 paintballs: $99.95

Locker(s): +$2

paintball locker

Bringing a change of clothes? Don’t want to play with your phone and wallet in your pocket? Good call – grab a locker key when you check in for a few dollars!

Camo Coveralls: +$10

paintball coveralls

Forget a change of clothes? Want to look the part? Suit up with a camo jumpsuit to keep your clothes protected and your car seats clean! Great option for company outings, birthday parties, and family fun events!

Tactical Gloves: +$5

paintball gloves

Get a grip! Grab a pair of rental gloves for a better hold on your gun and keep your hands protected. Great option for birthday parties, bachelor/ bachelorette parties and youth groups!

Upgrade Gun: +$20

paintball upgrade

3 shot burst electronic paintball marker! Perfect for bachelor/ bachelorette parties and company events! Must be 18 years of age or older to use upgraded paintball marker.

Looking for a paintball deal? Have a special occasion coming up? Let us make it more memorable for you and your party! Check out our paintball specials before you book! Ready to schedule your party? Still have questions? Feel free to email or call us at 612-378-0385.