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Paintball Information

How does it work?

Upon arriving at our facility, players will be checked in and then receive a full safety and game rule presentation. You will then be split into teams. Teams will then be lead onto the paintball field and accompanied at all times to ensure safety and enjoyment. After play, players will exit the field, get cleaned up, reload if necessary, relax or grab a refreshment and get back in rotation for another match.

Who do we play against?

We focus on making paintball fun so only beginner players will play with other new players. Don’t worry, advanced players with their own gear will NEVER be allowed to play with new players.

How long can we stay?

Mixed play players may stay as long as they would like during our open hours. The average player stays at our facility for approximately 90 minutes.

Can we watch game play?

Of course! Family and friends may watch game play from the party area behind spectator windows.

Can I use my own gear?

We do not allow players that rent equipment (.50 caliber) to play against players with their own gear (.68 caliber). Check out our Gun Owner Hours for times to shoot against other paintball enthusiasts.

If you have any other questions about how to play paintball, book a party or any other general questions please give us a call at (612) 378-0385.