Paintball Park

paintball park

Splatball – Indoor Paintball Park in MN

Splatball is the best paintball park in Minnesota. In a culture where much time is spend sitting playing games, paintball offers the opportunity for fun, action and adventure. Splatball Games is the place to go in the Minneapolis and Twin City area for indoor paintball. Our paintball park has an experienced, friendly staff that readily answers questions and does everything possible to assist guests.

Arrange for Events
Paintball is a great exercise for birthday parties, bachelor functions, youth groupings and even for corporate activities. Bookings can be purchased that assures privacy and access for anyone who enroll in the case or party. The enjoy region is different, enabling method play. When set aside, the sector can be obtained throughout the day and employees makes sure guests learn how to perform and the way to keep harmless.
Walk-On Play
The paintball park your car is big enough to provide a obstacle, yet sufficiently small not to overpower at the first try athletes. Splatball games is private and suitable for go walking-on engage in for tiny organizations not really large enough for full group game play. This allows visitors to become a member of other individuals about the grounds. For all those totally hooked on taking part in, year passes by can be purchased.
Come Visit Us
Positioned in The downtown area Minneapolis, Splatball Game titles offers exciting and journey for individuals, groups and families.
Not all people joining an occasion will want to get involved in playing paintball. For many who desire to observe the activity, you will find a spectator place and bash place.
Our minimum group size is 8 people, but we can accommodate groups of 150+. We are capable of running private games 7 days a week, dawn until dusk. Please call us at 612-378-0385 if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a time. Please call ahead in advance as reservations are required.