Paint Ball Stores

paint ball stores

Take Your Paintball to the Limit

The best gear is available at paint ball stores, so that you can purchase exactly what you need to. Of course, most of the gear you require is available for rental at the Splatball facility, not to mention refills on CO2. However, you need to find equipment that is going to work for you. Sometimes, there really is nothing better than your own equipment, as you know how it feels, how it is going to fire, what sort of range your equipment has and what is going to be the very best offering for you. Because of this, it might be best for you to check out the equipment available at the paint ball stores and go from there.
Our Minneapolis indoor location is in the heart of the Twin Cities. It features a 10,000 square foot urban combat arena as well as the largest retail store/tech center in Minnesota. The entire facility is climate controlled for maximum comfort. We even have an observation area and private party room.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or are new to the activity, paintball is an exceptional way to not only get exercise, but to practice your military tactics against your friends as you try to dominate the playing field. Obviously, in order to do this you will require the most effective equipment. The final thing you want is perfect for your firearm to malfunction when you have a clear picture. You should also remain protected from enemy move and fire very easily around your environment.
In this way, you may have an incredible time with your family and friends associates or the person who different goes together with you to the service. So whether you decide to purchase your gear ahead of time at the paint ball stores or you rent it on site, you just need to prepare yourself for all out war, as this is what is going to take place while on the battlefield. When you are prepared, you may get your battle to another level.