Paint Ball Markers

paint ball markers

Paintball Markers – The Basics

Don’t be confused – “paint ball markers” is just another way of saying “paint ball guns”. They are the essential piece equipment in the sport of paint ball. Without a gun to shoot the paint, how would anyone play? There are two main types of paint ball markers in terms of their functionality: mechanical and electropneumatic.

In electropneumatic designs, the trigger isn’t directly associated with the act of the marker, however it rather triggers a microswitch or magnetic sensor. This switch or sensor transmits an indication that’s read with a computer-controlled valve which controls the rapid frequent lowering and rising or different valves and gas chambers that slowly move the bolt and fire the paint ball. This kind of firing enables to have an enhanced rate of fireside as well as cuts down on the weight from the entire device.

Typically, a novice to the game of paint ball would be advisable to purchase a standard mechanical paintball gun. When a player becomes advanced and desires to enhance the skill and effectiveness from the weapon, he or she may take a choice of trading within an electropneumatic design. The lighter in weight and elevated possibility of rapid firing can produce a massive difference within the play of the skilled paint ball competitor.

Mechanical designs would be the simple, classic guns of the overall game. During these paint ball markers, the trigger affects a sealed gas chamber having a hammer inside a traditional gun-style operation. These kinds of designs would be the most generally used guns, as well as, usually, the most cost effective.

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