Paint Ball Gun

paint ball gun

Paintball: Get Fully Loaded

Whether you own a paint ball gun or would like to rent one, Splatball is the place to play and have fun with your friends. Paintball is an action-packed sport this is tons of fun for friends and family. The object is to cock and load and launch bullets at opposing team members. Reserving a playing field is fast and easy with private reservations and walk on play options.

Before you decide to have yourself right into a area of action, remember to understand that finding the proper equipment is essential to succeeding the overall game. This can be a bet on strength and strategy, and the most significant weapon around the field will be your color paint ball weapon. If you’re new to the sport, you might want to opt for a beginner’s paint ball gun. Standard rental packages at Splatball start at just $15.00. For your modest charge, it is possible to success the area using a semi-vehicle Tippman version weapon, a triple pod carrying load, as well as a compressed oxygen aquarium which incorporates a complete day time of free oxygen fulfills.

For just $10.00 more than the typical value, it is possible to actually improve your color soccer ball weapon. The semi-vehicle A5 athletics an accurized barrel, barrel deal with, and face mask as well as the complimentary atmosphere fulfills and standard devices. Some paintball experts choose to success the sector because of their personal tailored weaponry. The year for indoor paintball is complete effect at Splatball and it?s the perfect time to sign up for the overall game.

Our minimum group size is 8 people, but we can accommodate groups of 150+. We are capable of running private games 7 days a week, dawn until dusk. Please call us at 612-378-0385 if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a time. Please call ahead in advance as reservations are required.