Paint Ball Equipment

paint ball equipment

Paint Ball Equipment

There are paint ball equipment rentals available at Splatball for those that don’t have their own equipment. The standard rental package includes a semi-automatic Tippman Model 98 paintball marker, hopper, mask, barrel cover, triple pod carrying pack, and compressed air tank. There is free, all day air fills with the package as well. Individuals can bring their own paint ball equipment as well. However, they cannot use their own paint. Paint is available for purchase before going out to play.

If you are bringing or renting your paint ball equipment, it is time to set up a reservation, once you have figured out. Concerns are best for teams, to enable them to make sure a spot during the day they want. Reservations can be created by contacting Splatball at 612-378-0385. Those that don’t have a team of 8 folks, can continue to have fun with stroll-on perform. This is perfect for people who are figuring out how to enjoy or don’t have sufficient gamers. Walk-on play is only on Sundays and Saturdays.

Splatball is an excellent local spot to perform paintball for groups and individuals in Minneapolis. It is an backyard paintball recreation area that has 8 different career fields to play on. It is even open up during the rainfall and just shuts straight down with really poor climate. For teams which will enjoy, must at least have no less than 8 people. There might be about 150 or maybe more individuals playing at the same time inside a team. It is a good way to possess kids birthday parties, bachelor parties, youngsters group, or other sorts of teams.

Both private play and walk-on play are available at Splatball. If you are looking for private group play the minimum group size is 8 players and reservations must be made in advance. Spots fill up fast, so make sure to book at least a week in advance. Make sure you call Splatball at 612-378-0385at least one week in advanced to make reservations.