Ninja Paintball

Ninja Paintball

Splatball carries many Ninja Paintball products, including paintball tanks, regulators, hoses and accessories. All Ninja paintball products are manufactured in the USA. Because of Ninja’s reliability we are proud to use their products as our rental equipment. Here’s a little excerpt from their company catalog.

“Ninja products are MADE IN THE USA. We design and manufacture RELIABLE, SAFE, and QUALITY products for you and  your customers.

Ninja paintball products are manufactured and tested in the USA with the goal to provide a defect-free, QUALITY product for your customers.

Ninja provides an unprecedented level of customer and technical support by phone, Skype, email, online paintball forums, instruction manuals, parts diagram, and video repair services.

Ninja products are manufactured to D.O.T (Department of Transportation), TC (Transport Canada), C.G.A. (Compressed Gas Association), and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) specifications and standards.”