Meet The Staff

It takes a team of people to make Splatball the best paintball field in the Minneapolis area. We’d like to take a moment to introduce them to you.

Jim Emmerich — Owner

Jim got his start first taste of paintball while in college. In September of 1997, he was hired as a referee at Action Jack’s Paintball Games in Des Moines, Iowa. When he returned to Minneapolis after college he opened his first paintball field, Action Packed Paintball Games, in Jordan, MN. Eventually Jim purchased the two indoor fields in the Twin Cities, Splatball and Air Assault. Jim relocated both of the indoor facilities to buildings in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Brent Kotchman — Operations Manager

Brent was a manager of Air Assault Paintball when it was purchased in November of 2010. He is the operations manager overseeing many aspects of the company including retail and online sales.

David La Belle and Jarret Anderson — Location Managers

David joined Splatball in 2012 and Jarret joined in 2014. They oversee the customer experience at Splatball and are probably the first staff members you’ll encounter when you arrive at Splatball.