Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball – Indoor

Splatball was Minnesota’s first exclusive low impact indoor paintball center. We put a twist on traditional paintball! The enhanced paintball experience at our establishment isn’t just due to our facility, playing area or our staff. We specialize in paintball for kids and adults! The modern game of paintball has evolved into one of the funnest pastimes in MN.

Until recently, paintball has most commonly been associated with being painful and leaving unwanted bruises and welts. Now with the incorporation low impact paintball guns both kids and adults can now enjoy paintball with less pain!

.50 cal vs .68 cal paintballs.50 Caliber Compared to .68 Caliber Paintball

SB_PremiumrentalsmallLow impact paintballs are (.50 inches in diameter) smaller, lighter and more fragile than the traditional (.68 caliber) paintball. These specific paintballs deliver less sting upon impact making the experience more fun!

A .68 caliber paintball weighs 3.00 grams. A .50 caliber paintball weighs only 1.25 grams (approximately the weight of a paperclip).

Does Low Impact Paintball Hurt?

The low impact format takes a majority of the pain out of paintball impact by reducing the weight, size and structure of the paintball. In fact, the the weight is cut by 60% and by .18 inches in size. By reducing the overall mass of the paintball the player feels a lot less of a sting compared to the standard (classic) paintball. How much less of an impact will you feel? The weight of the paintball is not the only factor that determines the amount of sting felt. The speed or velocity of the paintball is another important factor.

Our paintball guns here at Spaltball Indoor Paintball shoot a smaller paintball. In fact, the paintballs we use at our indoor paintball field are 1/3 the weight which means the .50 caliber paintball guns provide roughly less than 1/3 the sting. In actual lab testing, it was shown that low impact paintballs only transfer 5 joules of energy versus  13+ joules of energy for the standard size paintball.

Low Impact Paintball

Less Ouch – More FUN!

The data is striking (literally)! The low impact paintball format we use at Splatball is less than a third of the impact of the traditional paintball commonly used at other paintball fields. Best of all, that 2.68 ft lbs of force is the amount of force the ball has when it leaves the barrel of the paintball gun. We don’t allow players to shoot one another that close. Most shots occur at a distance, which means you’ll feel even less of an impact when you’re hit.

Ready To Play?

Ready to plan your low impact paintball party? Check out our reservations page for more info about planning an epic paintball party for your group. Only Paintballminnesota.com facilities have and offer true low impact paintball equipment. These are the only paintball fields in the Twin Cities and Minnesota that use the smaller, low impact paintball in rental paintball gear.