Labor Day Indoor Paintball

Splatball indoor paintball wants to give back to the public! We recognize the importance of both laborers and children in our community and want to provide not only fun and entertainment but education as well! That’s why this Labor Day Splatball indoor paintball¬†is offering a complimentary rental package for any person that donates 2 or more school supplies! All school supplies will be donated to the Minneapolis School District for students, faculty and families to use!

indoor paintball labor day


Looking for a new Labor Day activity? Try something new and fun for the whole family! Bring in two unopened school supplies to benefit the Minneapolis area School District and receive a FREE standard rental package to play low impact paintball! Help out the local community and get a full-head protection goggle system and rental paintball gun for free on your day off!

Labor day paintball dateLabor Day falls on a Monday near the end of summer each year. This date usually marks the end of the summer for most teachers and children. Labor Day is not only a day to recognize¬†hard workers across the America but a day to give back to the local laborers. Workers in the area are given the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend with their friends and families. If you are trying to find what else is going on in the Twin Cities check out‘s Labor Day Weekend Itinerary for parades, festivals, games and more! Relax and enjoy the day!

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