Indoor Paintball

indoor paintball

Indoor Paintball vs Outdoor Paintball

Indoor Paintball is an intense sport that is enjoyed by millions of people. It is fast paced and can be lots of fun. Competing with teams against other paintball teams makes this sport extremely competitive as well. Paintball can be enjoyed in different venues as well, indoor and outdoor paintball. Splatball is an indoor paintball field located in Downtown Minneapolis.

Indoor Paintball

Indoor paintball may not have the availability of lots of wide-open space, but it can still be fun as well. Enjoying inside allows color ballers to perform whenever you want through the day, and in any conditions. Whether it be 10 beneath outside the house, or whether it is night, paintball can nonetheless be played within an indoors venue. Inside paintball could be perfect for new comers, while there is not a whole lot landscape to navigate and also the measures might be much more speedy-faced when compared to a larger atmosphere. Splatball, our Minneapolis place, is actually a climate-operated indoors paintball area.

Outdoor Paintball

Outdoor paintball places offer a number of pros. When actively playing outside, there is far more room that enables for considerably more large-open up, speedy-paced action. With far more available space available, there are various game kinds that one can choose from. From speedball to seize the flag, there is a reasonably variety of exhilaration being loved when enjoying outside paintball. Also, outdoor paintball is one that is most desirable to paintball lovers of these vary factors. At Splatball we certainly have multiple outside job areas to choose from.

What ever location you opt to enjoy paintball in; there is certainly nonetheless a lot of fun to be had. Either way you can not go wrong if you just want to have some fun lighting your friends up with paint balls, though outdoors may be more appealing to the more experienced paint baller.

Both private play and walk-on play are available at Splatball. If you are looking for private group play the minimum group size is 8 players and reservations must be made in advance. You can reserve your spot by giving us a call at 612-378-0385. Spots fill up fast, so make sure to book at least a week in advance.