Host The Best Bachelor Party Ever

Being able to host the best bachelor party ever is the goal of every best man. For many, the bachelor party is the last rite-of-passage for the groom and a last, big hurrah with the guys.

The bachelor party has evolved to more than just a trip to the bars on the night before the wedding. It’s become an all-weekend party typically scheduled a week or two before the wedding. That means the best man is responsible for planning activities throughout the entire weekend for an entire group of friends, who may not even all know each other. That’s what makes paintball such a great choice for a bachelor party. Nothing builds comradery faster than pelting each other with paintballs!

Best Bachelor Party EverThe Key To Hosting The Best Bachelor Party Ever

The key to planning the best bachelor party ever is finding activities that everyone in the party can enjoy. If you have a large group it is important to call and make a reservation a couple weeks in advance. Make sure when you call to mention that you are booking for a bachelor party since we do offer a grea bachelor party special. After all, you wouldn’t want your best buddy to have to pay to play paintball during his bachelor party, right? Didn’t think so.

Here are some tips we think will help ensure your next bachelor party is fun for everyone, especially the groom:

  • Check into a hotel in downtown Minneapolis
  • Play paintball at Splatball
  • Head back to the hotel
  • Dinner
  • Hit the bars

For more details and tips make sure to check out our ideas for hosting the best bachelor party ever right here.