Gift Cards & Paintball Tickets

Looking for an awesome Gift?

giftcards-08Looking for an awesome gift idea? Or are not sure when you’re going to play? Discount paintball tickets are a great option! Simply buy future play tickets and redeem them when you come to play!

Splatball and Air Assault Paintball have a great gift option for you or your family called paintball tickets! The exclusive deal is on a discount site called Vantora. Discount Tickets are now available for both paintball facilities!

Get your gift certificates and future play tickets online now and save $$$!

Discount Paintball Tickets & Gift Certificates

When making a reservation you can select to pay a discounted rate without buying tickets. The ticket option is best used for gifts and future play. If you are part of a group that each person is buying their own tickets please make one reservation for the party and have tickets ready to redeem the day of your scheduled event.