Compressed Air Paintball

compressed air paintball

Use of Compressed Air in Paintball

Compressed Air Paintball is an action-packed, fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Some things may be confusing to the new player–especially the use of carbon dioxide tanks versus compressed air paintball tanks. To understand a paintball marker for functional purposes is not difficult. A propellant–in the form of either a carbon dioxide or compressed air paintball tank–is attached to the marker. This propellant acts to power the marker’s firing itself, as well as the return of the bolt to its original place–which loads the subsequent shot. Compressed air is a much better propellant than carbon dioxide in virtually every way–providing many very noticeable improvements in gun functionality.

This uniformity is all-natural–typically, making use of co2 as being a propellant requires about 800 psi, while compressed atmosphere rarely runs over 180-200 psi. This sets much less strain on the air regulators in the marker by itself, the compressed air flow reservoir, as well as much less stress on paintballs themselves–this will reflect alone with better accuracy and reliability, a much more consistent FPS way of measuring (to appraise the pace of the ball), along with significantly less broken paintballs.

Compressed atmosphere is far less severe than fractional co2–in addition to safer. The tanks utilized to fill co2 are very huge, really pressurized, and demand specialist assistance to use. Also much more efficient for the marker, although on the other hand, a marker requires a much lower pressure to run off of a compressed air paintball tank–not only making compressed air safer. This lower strain is very important, and is probably the main reasons compressed atmosphere outperforms carbon dioxide each and every time. First, because lower pressure is being used the amount of shots one will get per tank fill is much, much higher of all. This is also a byproduct from the increased uniformity in stress utilized for each shot that compressed atmosphere affords.

As a whole, although a tank may be a bit more expensive, compressed air is always preferred to carbon dioxide when running a paintball marker.

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