Bachelorette Party in Minnesota Ideas

Bachelorette Parties

Prospective brides are increasingly looking for new ways in which to celebrate. Unlike traditional bridal showers, today’s brides are always looking for the next big thing. When planning a Bachelorette Party in Minnesota, party planners urge their clients to “think out of the box” with an event that will be remembered for years to come.

An original idea that always scores with party guests is when one plans a Paintball Bachelorette Party. This concept successfully merges fun, sport and the best of friendly competition. Guests are given the basic rules and a lesson before they begin to play. During a Paintball Bachelorette Party, everyone has a chance to join in the festivities and learn a new sport. Paintball provides harmless fun and a chance for party guests to work with one another.

Another method for planning a Bachelorette Party in Minnesota is to draw upon new and well liked themes. Parties that consistently rate highly offer a series of beauty makeovers for guests. This can be as simple as booking a professional manicurist or makeup artist. Another excellent idea is to have the entire party take a class together. The class can be as diverse as an introduction to a foreign language or a chance to learn a new dance as taught by a qualified instructor.

When not making themselves over, party guests enjoy participating in a class of arts and crafts. For many party-goers, creating jewelry or painting their own ceramic figure provides great nostalgic appeal. It reminds them of simpler times when they had more free time or went to summer camp. To make any bridal shower even more unique, make it a destination getaway. Guests initially gather in one place, only to then be taken by surprise to a restaurant, hotel or secret location out of town.

To get the best of both worlds: unique and tried-and-true, plan an all-day itinerary. Play paintball in the afternoon, then hit up the spa afterwards with the girls. Since Splatball is located close to downtown Minneapolis, planning multiple events near each other will be easy to do. Not interested in a spa? Head downtown for dinner and go out to one of the many clubs afterwards. The possibilities for bachelorette parties in Minnesota are endless.