Splatball Field Renovations

2016 Splatball Remodel

You asked for it, so you got it! We will be closed from Sunday, June 26th and reopening on Friday, July 8th! During this week we are tearing out the old carpet/ turf in our paintball arena and replacing it with indoor turf. That’s right, brand new indoor paintball turf! Splatball will also be making multiple changes to its facility during this time. If you would like to follow the progress be sure to check out our social media pages above!

Check out the Progress! 

Watch our progress below! During this renovation period we will be installing new field lighting, rubber backed indoor turf, netting, obstacles/ bunkers and more! If you have any comments or suggestions for our staff please email us at info@splatball.com.

Splatball renovation turfTearing down the nets and pulling out the top layer of indoor/ outdoor turf.

Splatball remodelTaking out the base carpet layer roll by roll.

Splatball paintball carpetTurns out some of the carpet was still pretty glued down…


splatball indoor flooringSand blasting the concrete for the best adhesion.


splatball paintball turfTurf rolls getting installed!

Splatball turf installationFitting and gluing the new turf rolls down!


splatball turfTurf is all installed!


new splatball paintballWe are putting the finishing touches on the the field and the facility today! We will be open tomorrow, come check it out!

Splatball’s staff strives to provide customers the best possible paintball experience every time they visit our facility. With our new turf we are ready for every type of group! We always are working on making our paintball center better! This renovation now makes our customer’s experience even safer and cleaner. We will continue to improve our paintball field annually with your help and reviews!