2015 Father’s Day Ideas

Trying to find a gift for Father’s Day? Splatball has one of the best Father’s Day ideas in MN! Bring your Dad to Minneapolis’s home of safe and fun indoor combat. Show your Dad he’s the coolest with a few hours of extreme paintball!

Father's Day Ideas in MN

Best Father’s Day Ideas

Don’t want to buy him a regular old present? The best gift to give is anyone is time. Create memories instead of buying items this holiday. Spend time with your Dad this Father’s Day as an idea. Prove to him just how much he means to you by providing cover fire for him to win a game of paintball.  Bring in your dad and Splatball will gear him up for FREE!

Fathers Day Gift Idea

Choose the best Father’s Day ideas in MN by spending time with family. Bring the whole family to Splatball Sunday, June 21st  and treat your dad to FREE paintball! Your parents work hard and weekends are usually filled with more work around the household. Give dad a break from his yard work this Father’s Day weekend and take him to play a few rounds of low impact paintball!

Father's Day Paintball