Gift Certificates

Paintball Tickets & Gift Certificates

Looking for an awesome gift idea? Or are not sure when you’re going to play? Discount paintball tickets are a great option! Simply purchase future play tickets and redeem them when you come to play! Paintball Tickets are just like Gift Certificates and may be redeemed by simply making a reservation and bringing the vouchers!

Minneapolis paintball mnYou can choose from multiple ticket packages online and purchase vouchers for admission, equipment (protective mask and paintball gun setup) and 100 paintballs at our discounted rate! The ticket option is best used for gifts and future play.

*NOTE: When making a reservation you can select to pay a discounted rate WITHOUT buying tickets.

Tickets can also be used to receive the discounted price instead of having one person pick up the entire reservation bill. One person can make a reservation for the whole group and have each person purchase their own discount tickets online.
Simply have the purchased tickets ready to redeem in either printed or mobile form the day of your scheduled event.



The Perfect Gift Idea!


Pick up a cool gift card not just your average fast food or big box store gift card. You can find a few ticket options on an exclusive deal site called Vantora. Discount Tickets are now available for all locations!

Get your gift certificates and future play tickets online now and save $$$ on your next paintball outing!